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Our main office is located in Bali, one of the 17.500 islands existing in Indonesia.



The Team

Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Yoga Meditation Wellness Travel Yoga Spiritual Retreats in Bali

Verónica has more than ten years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. With a degree in Communications and master degree in organization of meetings and events, she has worked in Europe involved in media, MICE and travel industry.

Her instinct drove her to Bali few years ago, where she applies her knowledge and organizational skills to assist group leaders and individuals who want to live their own retreat and wellness experience in Bali and other destinations.
Also interested in natural healing methods and wellness alternative therapies, she got her certification in Ayurvedic Nutrition in Kerala, India. She is also a 500 YTT Certified and registered Yoga Alliance teacher, and she is studying a Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition at the moment. Travelling is her other big passion, and everytime she has ocassion she visits new places in order to find new amazing locations for retreats.

Contact Us Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Noffa

Noffa is a basic pillar in the company. She provides operational support and, as Balinese born, offers all the clues and advices regarding the culture, religion and social aspects. She is also a Graduated Teacher for teenagers. She teaches Bahasa Indonesian with high discipline in writing. This experience gives her the opportunity also to be updated on the rapid and continuous social changes that this island is living nowadays.

Contact us Essential Retreat Organizer Yulia Bali

Yulia is a powerful woman. She has been pioneer as a Balinese female working professionally for more than 20 years in hospitality industry in the most renowned hotels in the island. Always related to MICE and events organization, she is a master on the operational due to her great organizational skills and experience. She is specialized in Sports and Fitness Events, finding amazing spots and itineraries to create the perfect and unforgettable Bali Fitness Retreat. Her ample background on Balinese culture and folklore, makes her also the perfect emcee during traditional ceremonies.

Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Yoga Meditation Wellness Travel Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Yoga Meditation Wellness Travel Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Yoga Meditation Wellness Travel

Dana and his team help us to create tailored made excursions and experiences in Bali. He is realible and able to find always solutions with a smile. Personal service sharing hisr love for Bali. He did not have always an easy life, a chilhood surviving on the streets of Denpasar, he has learnt many things, however he will never forget the kindness that he received from many people along the way. That is why he wants now to give back, providing training and education for young children through his "Chicken Little" English teaching program in his local village. All tours and activities organized will provide the income to this project. 

Essential Retreat Organizer Bali Yoga Meditation Wellness Travel

Dewi is a young and energetic Balinese Woman who joined Dana's project at a very early age. Coming herself from a non privileged family, she has found in tourism her passion. She is very knowledgeable person about Bali, its history and traditions. As a guide, she will pass her enthusiasm on to you and your group. Funny and trustworthy, she knows everything about activities and Bali attractions and will help you with professional and personalized guidance.

Contact us Essential Retreat Organizer Susana Tejada Spain 

Susana will assist your Wellness experience in Spain and Europe. After 20 years of working in the MICE industry as an event organizer, she decided to make a break in a journey of healing to Asia. This trip brought her to Bali, where she connected with the philosophy of Essential Retreat Organizer and decided to go back to Europe with renovated energies. From Spain, she assists the groups that need operational support in Europe during their trainings, retreats, corporate wellness meetings and events. She is also a professional Clown in her free time. 

Our Office

PT. Taman Sehat
Jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan,
Bali 80361, Indonesia
P: +62 (0) 818 0540 8495
Skype: v.barcala

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Please note the time difference. We are in UTC/GMT +8. It means 6 to 7 hours time difference with Paris or Madrid and 12 hours with East Coast in USA.

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